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A bit where we talk about ourselves

We are a team of experienced IT and online marketing professionals. It is with the pride that we are announcing, our new web service. This piece of Internet space is all about banner making, as you might have already guessed. Fortunately, you won't meet virtual hot dates here, neither you will be offered to download any free stuff like mp3s, nor read any fresh gossip regarding whatever. We're all about banners and nothing else.

A bit where we talk about the project's rationale

If you're still reading this, then you must have participated in banner making in some way. Supposedly a lot of you have even struggled with rather exhausting banner animation routines, especially if you were aiming to make that banner look great but did not want to waste a week of your time and a load of money (namely 50 to hundreds of bucks per single banner, if you're outsourcing to a freelance). And what stings, probably, much more, is when you realize that you aren't that Flash-savvy as you should be. Ugly and primitive, GIF-animated banners are one of the things that never got past Web1.0 in the middle of the past decade. On the contrary,'s own QuickStart and Designer applications provide the most contemporary, state-of-art solution. Why? Because the banner's end-user is able to create fully customized flash ads in just eight clicks. We ask - actually, we even dare you to find a banner constructor that will beat ours in user-friendliness, speed of production, reliability and cost.

A bit where we give a glimpse inside the project

There are three life-sustaining rules that we’re working hard to comply with - it's the service speeeeeed, quality and price. When you are making a banner via, you're making it in real-time, no lengthy and headachy discussions with lads or some over-initiative freelance designer who has a whole different way of perceiving information than you are. runs 24/7, takes no holidays or sick leaves, providing ultimate availability. Let us paraphrase a bit: it's the first-come, first-to-serve, and we know that any businessperson will nod his or her head on this one. Our banner constructor provides huge numbers of text and image animations for your custom-made banner, where the general quality of the product relies only on the choices you make. Finally, if you don't find yourself happy about paying for the banner you've just compiled, well, then don't. We're totally happy to host a free version of your banner on our site.
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Our hopes are that the product that we are introducing here will change your perception of flash banner making. Please enjoy using it as we so much did making it.

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