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Effective advertising

On the Internet, companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, anyone prefer to show their brands in action, whether these brands are their tangible products, services, skills or just opinions. It is the fact that Internet banner advertising is now often complemented by ads via traditional channels. However, it also suggested that there is a level of action or interaction when using banners. Researches show that six of the twelve banner ads have a positive effect on the perception of the brain. It is also said that advertisers that are trying to drive an audience to their website alone are missing a tremendous opportunity by not spreading their message on banners. Both, reaching a larger audience and increasing product awareness are effects that banners may carry.

Once there is the possibility of banner advertising, you would have to make the choice on what type of banner should be used. There are identified levels of recognition by visitors for animated and static banners. Often the effectiveness of banners are measured through the click-through-rate (CTR), but we focus on the recognition of the banner. Generally, at least 40 per cent of the website visitors are able to recall one banner of five that are shown on the average site they looked at. However, once the banner was animated, 37 per cent exactly identified all five banners and their animations. This suggests that animating the banner will make it easier for visitors to remember the company name, product or brand and the animation that’s on the banner.

Advertising banners have to be accepted by the audience and website visitors in order to deliver high CTRs. Over a number of years there's been developing a favorable attitude towards advertising banners on the web, ranging from 60 to 80 per cent.And obviously, better designed banners are liked more and looked at more than less creative banners.

Since a long time click-through has been the primary indicator of measuring the success of online banners and advertising, quantifying how marketing comms can be directly linked to immediate consumer actions. The question arising from statements like these is if CTRs are the right indicators to measure effectiveness. Several factors can influence CTRs, for example: pop-ups require a click to disappear so the CTR will be extremely high whilst the number of people actually buying the product can be close to zero, inevitably giving a wrong impression of the effectiveness of the advert. Below you can see a list of of hypotheses that are related to successful commercial banners - these are so-called 5 Golden Rules of Online Branding:
- Frequency of display is positively related to a banner’s ability to brand;
- Banners with less animation score better on branding metrics;
- The amount of time a logo is present is positively related to branding impact;
- The longer the key message or logo takes to appear, the less branding impact it has;
- Banners with larger logos perform better than banners with smaller logos;
- Cluttered banners perform worse on branding impact measures than less cluttered banners.

Banner advertising has been acknowledged as most versatile form of online advertising due to its uniqueness and virtually no limitations when it comes to content within the banners. Online marketeers agree that the increasing interactivity also increases the ability to target successful ads and thus increases their effectiveness.

Just one thing we insist you to remember: whatever you do, don't use and publish anything that might be perceived as irritating or interrupting and make your visitor change website earlier than planned. Although some banner types - like pop-downs - are used to create brand/product awareness, rather than pushing people to buy the product, so - theoretically - can be effective for unknown names. Pop-ups are seen as rather irritating, just check out the number of software apps that have been developed to stop pop-ups.