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Image cropping via

Making a decent banner requires some precision and accuracy, especially if we are talking about background images, as the pictures that have different size ratios than the banner itself will be automatically stretched or shrunk. Not good. In this tutorial you will learn how to crop your desired image to necessary proportions.

Step 1

Start tutorial by going to - it allows you to use its services online, requires no fee and offers the most user-friendly interface we could've found.

Step 2

Select Image Editor.

Step 3

On the next screen click Load existing file and navigate your path to the image file.

Step 4

When done, click Upload.

Step 5

Below you can see a sample image in the editor.

Step 6

In order to crop an image you'll need to use Rectangular Tool from Tools panel on left. Click on it, and choose the part of the image you want to keep by left-clicking the mouse and dragging it over the desired area. Hint: keep looking at the rulers on the upper and left panels.

Step 7

When done, click on Image on upper menu bar and select Crop Selection.

Step 8

Double-check if image is ready, and go to File in the menu bar, and then Export Image.

Step 9

A new window will pop up, previewing your image and offering various options, including file format - please keep in mind that supports JPGs and PNGs , so do select one of these formats. Click Generate Image.

Step 10

Wait a few seconds before it generates the file..

Final step

..and, as soon as it's ready, click Download and save it to your hard drive.

This tutorial is now complete and your image is ready to be placed inside the banner!