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Whether you' re making a commercial ad or just playing around for your own amusement, sometimes you can feel that all you need is just a little part of an image or photo to make a banner complete and absolutely spot on, and you see no purpose in adding any background that particular picture might have. This tutorial will help you get rid of any unnecessary image areas and find a better way to insert any sophisticatedly shaped image amongst existing banner objects and backgrounds. This tutorial consists of two parts -- the page you're currently viewing will show you how to cut out the image in free online Image Editor by

Click here for tutorial on Adobe Photoshop CS5

Step 1

Start tutorial by logging to

Step 2

Select Image Editor.

Step 3

On the next screen click on Load existing file and navigate your path to the image file.

Step 4

NB! The only type of file that supports transparent background and also works with Constructors is .PNG, so please use that specific format. When done, click Upload.

Step 5

Below you can see a sample image in the editor.

Step 6

Magic Wand from the Tools panel on the left will help you to mark specific areas. Tolerance defines the spread of selection and its edges - enter lower value if you want to smooth the edges or higher one if you want to keep the edges sharp

Step 7

Select it, and simply click on those image parts that you want to remove, click-holding Shift button.

Step 8

Some image parts - such as inlined letter areas - should be also added to the selection.

Step 9

When done, click on Edit from the upper menu bar and select Cut.

Step 10

You can now see your picture without the background. Check squares reflect transparent image areas.

Step 11

Whenever ready, click on File, and select Export Image.

Step 12

Click Generate

Final step

..and, as soon as the file is ready, click Download and save it to your hard drive.

This tutorial is now complete and your image is ready to be placed inside your banner!