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Designer: Animated object reel and text

In this tutorial we'll show you and explain how to make banner with an animated objects, where the anchor objects (like strapline or logo) get encoded into the static background and the rest goes on the moving reel.

Step 1

Start by timely preparing images that you'll use in this banner - in our case, we've made 4 - one to be used as a background, three more for the animated reel.

Step 2

What you'll hardcode into the background image is solely up to you, just remember to leave some good space between objects for the animated bit.

Keep in mind required size of a banner when adjusting size of the background image - it should be of the same height and width as the banner.

Step 3

Don't forget to flatten image and save it as .JPG when done.

Click on Designer and Add Scene.

Step 4

From the Background drop-down menu select Image and navigate to the image file you will use.

Step 5

Enter the necessary Banner size.

Step 6

Click on Add object, select Image and browse to the first of three reel images.

Like with this banner, an overall banner timeline could be more or less equally split between all objects - 0 to 30 percent for the first image, 30 to 70 for the second and 70 to 100 for the third.

Don't forget that you should use the same animation preset for every reel image.

When finished, hit Save button to store the banner in MyBanners.

Step 7

Enjoy your work!

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