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Designer: Adding extra canvas in Photoshop®

A very common issue that many users have to deal with is image's proportional incompatibility to banner itself: for instance, you've got produce a banner with certain proportions, say, 350x100, however, the logo that appears to be the main object, is only 258x87. Not that it just won't fit, but you can't also simply re-size it, because of the difference in banner and logo size ratio. Yet, what really should be changed is the size of the canvas.

In this tutorial we're going to teach you how to add more area of the same color to the background of your image and thus change width and height of the image, leaving the dimensions of the banner's content intact.

Step 1

Note down the size of the banner you're making and start Photoshop - basically, any Creative Studio version will do, but we're are using CS5, just to be sure.

Navigate and open your image file - in our case, it is our own corporate logo.

Step 2

From the Tools bar on the left screen side select Eyedropper Tool and click on the image to copy the color you want to use.

Step 3

From the Image menu, select Canvas option.

Step 4

New window will present you with various settings you need to change - start with Anchor (move the center of the matrix to the side opposite to one you want to expand, for example, we need to add some extra canvas to the bottom part, so we move image up a little) and Canvas extension color (here you need to select Background color).

Step 5

Don't forget to enter required Width and Height - mind the size of the banner you're making! Click OK when done.

Step 6

You can see your image with some added extra canvas, without the content (logo) being re-positioned or amended in anyhow.

Step 7

Close the Photoshop and switch back to Designer. You can see now that the edited image fits the banner perfectly.