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General website questions

1. Page is not displaying correctly; what should I do?
2. I can't login to my account, what should I do?
3. What are the benefits of using referals?
4. How do I deposit money?

1. Page is not displaying correctly; what should I do?

There are a few steps to troubleshoot page display issues:
- Check if you've got the latest software updates installed on your computer (Adobe Java)

- Restart your Web browser
- Restart your computer
- Check if your OS has got all the necessary updates installed

2. I can't login to my account, what should I do?

If you're having issues logging in to your bannersABC account, chances are that you forgot your password. There is also a possibility that the Caps Lock key is tripping you up. As anywhere else, bannersABC passwords are case-sensitive, so "QWERTY7" is not the same as "qwerty7". Check if the Caps Lock is off, and try again.

Still no luck? This might also be a problem with cookies. If cookies aren't enabled, you'll be returned to the login screen even if you've entered the correct password. How to fix this: say, you're using Internet Explorer, where you have to click on Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and move slider to Medium to allow cookies. Those, who are on Firefox, have to go to Tools > Options > Privacy and make sure that "Accept cookies from sites" box is checked.

Close your browser, re-open it and try to log in again. It's also possible that cookies are being blocked by some other system utility (like firewall) or 3rd party software (antivirus), so see if your settings are not conflicting there.

If you still can't log in, you probably did forget your password, and at this stage you just have to click the Forgot password. Enter your email address (the one you used to sign up for a bannersABC account) and after few minutes check your mailbox for an email containing instructions on how to reset account password.

Under some circumstances you may not remember both your password AND your email address, or the email that you used for signup is no longer working. In that case, you can contact bannersABC customer support by email at, explain your situation, and wait for a response within the next 48 hours.

3. What are the benefits of using referrals?

After a period of time being with us you'll certainly feel more acquainted and familiar with features and options we're proposing our users to take advantage of. One of these features is a Referral Program, the best motivation tool we could employ to interest you in.

Referral routines provide benefits for most registered users for the following reasons:
-Referred users reduce your expenses; if you're purchasing banners from, as with every purchase that any of your referrals make, you earn some virtual points that can be later used to pay for downloading banners that you've made (terms & conditions apply).

-Referrals can help earn you money, or, as it is in our case scenario, get valuable stuff (like brand new shiny iPods) without paying a single penny. And we don't even ask you to spend months spreading the word around - the URL containing your unique ID code that we'll provide will do the trick!

Special rewards we've just mentioned are provided on a regular basis and calculated on a progressive scale - say, if your unique link leads to five new registered users, you'll receive two per-cent discount; any purchase that any of your referrals make will give you one credit point for each transaction; further, if the number of referrals grows to 50, you'll be offered a 10 per-cent discount; if these fifty referred users make 100 purchases (two purchases each sounds quite realistic, doesn't it?), you'll receive 110 points, where 10 points are given as a bonus score, as well as you'll be enrolled in the quarterly prize giveaway. Furthermore, even if a number of your referrals suddenly stop growing, you'll still benefit from this scheme, as for every closed deal, every purchase that any of your referrals would make within, you'll receive points.

4. How do I deposit money?

Although we're working on offering several payment methods, currently the only approved and secure way to deposit money into your account is PayPal. Click on "Add Funds" button under the Balance tab and enter the amount you wish to top up for. Normally, you should see your bannersABC account increase within one to three minutes after completing payment.

For your security, every on-site transaction is verified through PayPal or Google Checkout.